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Monday, February 22, 2010


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We start our relationship for about 8 months and 21 days.
We still the same.
Not much difference.
Will going on together till the end of our life.

I had been writing my own blog but not this blog for so long and I've decided to pen here...
However, we are still the same.
As nothing too good or too bad happened.
Just that he had been more naughty and sometimes over playing.
Its sounds fun but sometimes not really fun because he might hurt me on somewhere.
Have you ever have a playful boyfriend like mine?
If yes, I don't know whether want to congratulate you or what.
Its just because, its fun but violent.

Dear Dear is playful but lovable.
So, I love him as much as he love me.



Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We are doing our own things now...
Watching own movie or video and going to different place~

Even we are sleeping on the same bed, we are still doing our own thing...
I wonder how can we do the same things together again like last time...
Watching the same movie, anime and drama...
However, after dear dear's studies, he will be going to the army...
We do things even more different than always~
Hope to do things together always~

Because I love you so I want you~!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Currently, we are really staying together as we wished. But even if we live together, there are many things happening...To Me And To Him...

We used to control each other alot..
In my mind, I was thinking that are we really controlling too much?
However, we control each other tolerantly.
How to say, like sometimes, we really obey the so called "command" from both of us alot.
Not to this and that always~!

Sometimes, we tease each other.
But its quite fun to argue with [LAUGHS]...
Somehow, we did quarrel alot... For stupid things that should not be quarrel for...
How Silly to make us unhappy~

And I'm the so called ~crybaby~ always cried and get crazy of it.
I wanted to lead a happy life together..
Really wanted to...

I've start working at a Law Firm at Redhill...
And deardear is going to have his exams and school break really soon.

I should put more confidence on him so that we can lead to a happier life where we pass our days with laughs ^^
Its been a long time since I posted the previous blog and I found myself really lazy to blog when Im at Home wait for my job confirmation.

Now, my job already start then only I feel like blogging.
This is a share account. But mostly will be posted by me *[LiJiin]*

Coz dear dear dun like to blog for a long time.
Since there are no people viewing it, I think I better wrote down my feelings here.
Coz I will explode if I didn't let my anger,jealousy,sadness and those unhappy things here...

And of course This Blog is for posting my happy moments with him.
I will post more happy moments more than unhappy things of course.
Soon I will find 1 day to open another Blog for only myself.
Girls really likes to write about themselves but not to GUYS.

And I strongly agree with it~!!!

I should continue my job now...
But its really nothing to do at office right now and the office was empty...
Since I promised deardear to online only when he woke up from sleep.

I will hold to my promise to him.

Thats the end if this afternoon. NoNo... Is the blog for today~!!

p/s to myself: Take Care and be happy~!! ><

**Li Jiin**


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2day xiao kang went back to study ler...
Im alone at home...
Searching for job...

But...Still no result...
Just Sent out emails and my resume....

Hunting Job in Singapore really difficult compare to Malaysia...

Mayb Singapore small ba...
Last few weeks i really happy with deardear but still..

My eye~!!Swollen~!!!So ugly..
Cant go anywhere but really enjoyed alot..
Deardear is the 1st person who bring me alot of happiness..

I manage to Travel with him...

Its the 1st time I can go out from Malaysia to see m
ore place...
How 2 say...Deardear is my Airplane...
Bring me fly and watch the world.

Now..I understand..Living at outside is quite tough..

When u are still Jobless..U will think how lives gonna be if we are jobless..
Jobless is kind of boring coz U dont have things to do and it makes ppl lazy...
Even Im a lazy person..but Im now not living with my family..
So I have to work hard at least can help out abit~
My fren,Lyn had intro me to work at her place.. Its a travel agency...
I wonder deardear let me work with her or not...

Because.... I need to travel overseas and on trip... And will leave deardear alone...
I think I no need ask also know what he will say actually..
But why I still think of it?? Haiz... Nvm..Think of it later on ba...
There are photos that taken with deardear when we were together~~~

Let me upload and share~!!

"This is deardear and me
after we cut our hair..."


Dear Dear and me at Sentosa
Dear Dear made that Background~

Hmm..I think I will stop here 1st.
To be continue....


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Love at Singapore
Make your own Glitter Graphics


Friday, September 26, 2008

Now is 1.55 pm~
Still got 9 hours I will be going to Puduraya Bus station.
And 16 hours to go then I will reach Singapore.
Im Nervous till I cant really sleep well last nite and cause me headache in the whole morning and afternoon.

2day is deardear's 1st day working as Porters for the F1 Singapore Race.
And its a bad day to deardear.
Dear dear called me... But at that time I was so heartpain coz deardear is all wet due to the weather *raining* and deardear got all wet.
I feel so sad because deardear work so hard only can earn SGD 200+ for 3 days as Porters and its all because of me.
But Still I feel really touched that deardear work so hard for me and juz to provide me a good vacation at Singapore for 9 days.

I'm really happy to have deardear by my side. Even he is not really with me now, I still can feel deardear's hardwork by my side.I got the second phone call by deardear b4 we went for lunch.
Now he is all wet but with the hot weather. Feel strange huh?
This is bcoz the stupid weather change to be hot.
I'm really worry that deardear will fell sick.But hope God Bless my Deardear so that he wont get sick. I really heartpain when knowing deardear's situation. After I had my lunch,deardear also had his lunch and he gave me a third call. Deardear did not eat well. The food provided for him is juz white rice and macaroni. Deardear hav to work so hard but lunch only had these while I'm having chicken rice near my workplace.

I feel so sorry coz I din save money for myself and deardear have to workhard for me with such difficult jobs. But I will promise that I will save more money in the future so that if anything happens I also manage to support.

Notes to Deardear: Deardear.I'm sorry to give you so many troubles.I love you with all my
powers and workhard to be deardear's deardear~!!


Marcus Ho And Wah Li Jiin
Husband and Wife to be

all about HER.


To be together forever.
Happily ever after.
Lead a successful life.
Have nothing to worry about.

Kiss Goodbye


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